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Korea Residence as a Series of Floating Cubes

Korea Residence as a Series of Floating Cubes

21 آبان 1397 | 7:29
زمان مورد نیاز برای مطالعه: 2 دقیقه
Korea Residence as a Series of Floating Cubes

According to Architecture report Afam News, Korean architect younghan chung has completed a residential project that comprises a series of connected white volumes. sited next to a reservoir, the scheme has been conceived as a sequence of ‘floating cubes’, where the function of the seven 3×3 meter cubes is determined by their occupant. ‘users can freely define the function of each section when they are occupying it for a certain period of time,’ explains younghan chung, who has previously experimented with a similar typology in a more urban setting.

Unlike conventional floor plans, sections interlocking at different heights and angles — combined with various floor levels — have been designed to make the inhabitant feel as if they are walking the original terrain. ‘while you stroll inside and outside the building, lights drape around skylights and flow in through a minimized number of openings to be diffused by the water surface,’ younghan chung continues. ‘they eventually permeate into the inside to blur the borders with both the land and water.’ see other projects by the same architect on designboom here.

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