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Nendo Employs Gravitational Science to Design the Perfect Pen

Nendo Employs Gravitational Science to Design the Perfect Pen

24 آذر 1397 | 7:34
زمان مورد نیاز برای مطالعه: 4 دقیقه
Nendo Employs Gravitational Science to Design the Perfect Pen

According to Industrial Design report Afam News, Nendo has collaborated with japanese manufacturer of pens zebra to create ‘bLen’, a ballpoint pen that focuses on the subtle movements that make up the motion of writing. in response, nendo has designed a writing tool that aims to create a smooth experience, not just in the creation of straight lines but also the small curves and breaks in text.

Nendo gives the pen a chunky, easy-to-hold shape making it comfortable for users to employ for long hours. the clip was designed to be flat for a seamless match with the product shape and stable balance on writing, while the button was made flat and wide for easy push. the pen comes in 3 colour variations (black, red, blue) and 2 types of pen tips (0.5mm, 0.7mm), echoing professional drawing tools by displaying its technical information on the top of its clickable button.

The pen uses a fixing element, which has been added between the cartridge and the exterior, to eliminate noises that can occur on rapid movement. this keeps the multiple parts that make up the pen in correct positions and reduces unnecessary movements of internal parts.

In order to stabilize the position of the pen, a lower center of gravity was established by placing a brass weight at its tip. this weight allows for a smooth and gentle touch on the paper, while significantly reducing unexpected movements of pen due to the centripetal force created while writing. an additional spring was also added to the retractable button system which functions as a suspension to reduce the rattling and noises on writing.

To enhance the smooth writing experience nendo and zebra have developed special ink cartridges. designed to be 0.4mm bolder than normal ones for minimal bending, they provide thick and smooth emulsion ink.

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