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Dutch Designer Applies Techniques and Materials

Dutch Designer Applies Techniques and Materials

10 آذر 1397 | 7:31
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Dutch Designer Applies Techniques and Materials

According to Fashion Design report Afam News, Joris de groot is a designer searching for the connection between craftsmanship and industry in his work. interested in collaborating with the industry, the designer creates his own workplace within the factory grounds. once familiar with the process of the existing techniques, he experiments with the available machinery and materials for new innovative uses. for the manufacturer low & bonar’s in4nite II project, studio joris de groot has carefully examined the various techniques that are applied in the manufacturing of car interiors, and translated them into a collection of shoes.

One of the current uses for low & bonar’s material colback® is its implementation in the automotive industry, where it is incorporated in the upholstery of car interiors. having researched the materials that comprise car upholstery, de groot shifted his focus towards the molding of the material.

In the research and development center of low & bonar, the quality of the material is tested in order to minimize irregularities within the interior. a linear pattern is applied in this molding process to monitor the ways in which the material behaves when it is formed. de groot appropriated the technology in a new way by converting it to form shoes. during this process, he explored the tufted colback® material by playing with the linear patterns; the details and inconsistencies that emerged, constituted the aesthetic character of his collection.

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