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Iceberg by Harow is a stool-side table frozen in time

Iceberg by Harow is a stool-side table frozen in time

14 آبان 1396 | 5:45
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Iceberg by Harow is a stool-side table frozen in time

According to Decorative Arts Report Afam News, Harow is a french design studio creating products that blend art and design, allowing them to both coexist in harmony.

Their philosophy is to not follow any trend but to focus on the visceral beauty of the objects, resulting in a pleasant viewing experience. each work is first considered as a piece of art before it is then transformed into a functional object. all of their pieces are meticulously handcrafted until they each have a unique, bespoke finish. the ‘iceberg’ represents a willingness to ‘freeze in time’ the depth and aesthetics of the arctic landscape in a palette of blue and white. both dissolve the neutrality of the arctic environment to make it timeless. the main idea around the iceberg was to create a piece of art that lets users feel the beauty, the hostility and the fragility of those ice giants. the studio also want to enlighten the impact that human activities have on the environment plus on future generations. the controlled application of resin has allowed harow to express the depth of the ‘iceberg’ and the gelid glare of the north pole.

limited to only 100 pieces, the iceberg is a real technical challenge in its making. a minimum of one month is required to create each piece in the parisian workshop. made of fiber glass and epoxy resin, every ‘iceberg’ is fully handcrafted with passion and precision until it meets its ‘perfection’. like every piece from harow studio, the ‘iceberg’ is numbered plus comes with its certificate of authenticity.

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