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Montblanc’s Summit 2 Smartwatch: Amped-up Tech and no Less Luxe

Montblanc’s Summit 2 Smartwatch: Amped-up Tech and no Less Luxe

29 مهر 1397 | 6:55
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Montblanc’s Summit 2 Smartwatch: Amped-up Tech and no Less Luxe

According to Fashion Design report Afam News, Montblanc returns to launch its second-generation smartwatch, a compact 42mm unisex model that shrinks its predecessor. refining its features, software and the architecture of the timepiece itself, the new and improved model, the montblanc summit 2, is powered by qualcomm’s new smartwatch chipset, the snapdragon 3100 chip, and is the first luxury smartwatch to do so. before its official release yesterday, designboom had a chance to get hands on with the timepiece.

The SUMMIT 2 has a generous 1.2-inch, 390 x 390 pixel, full circle AMOLED display covered in curved sapphire glass. its new chipset requires less battery and with the tagline #StayAhead it promises to keep its wearers connected. it hosts google’s wear OS making it compatible with both iOS and android smartphones, with google assistant offering customized information and alerts. meanwhile incoming calls, messages, social media updates and calendar events can be synced with your smartphone and responded to directly using its handwriting, keyboard or voice dictation features, or via the summit 2’s built in ‘auto-replies’.

Montblanc optimizes the SUMMIT 2 for the urban explorer and global traveller alike. it comes with a new montblanc travel info app that provides relevant local traveller information, while an app based on proven science and used by astronauts helps you kick the effects of jet lag. additional fitness features include a montblanc live running coach app which makes use of the newly-supported GPS tech. this is all packed inside what is now a 5ATM water-resistant model – that means you can go swimming with it.

In the always-on ambient color mode, the SUMMIT 2 face is visible at all times, with battery life lasting a full day. RAM has also been upped from 512MB to 1GB, and internal storage has gone from 4GB to 8GB. the new iteration can be customized with around 1,000 options, including indicators, backgrounds and hands. it features a series of classically derived dial options, as well as different case finishes including black DLC steel, stainless steel, bicolor steel and grade 2 titanium. combining this with a choice of eleven different straps, the montblanc summit 2 has a monumental total of 70,000 possible looks.

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